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ESD Mat Protection

Electrostatic discharge or ESD protection is highly critical in factories, assembly lines and offices in protecting workers and equipment from damages that are caused due to static charges often generated by the human body. ESD Mat protection is an important safety aspect primarily in industries like electronics, telecommunications and defence.

Antistatic mats are made from different materials like vinyl and stainless steel fibers. They are available in various sizes, and colors to suit the décor and have anti-fatigue and slip resistant properties. Some are light duty mats meant for people to stand on or to place equipments. For applications like using under chairs and movement of laden carts, heavy-duty mats are required.

While selecting antistatic mats, an important factor to be considered is the rate at which static electricity is to be discharged. Sudden dissipation could cause damage to some equipment. This is an area where expert advice is required.

Antistatic mats can be ordered online. Most manufacturers provide guidance to choose the appropriate type.

At Elcom we are committed to offering you the highest quality and lowest prices for ESD protection products and devices that will either meet or exceed the strict industry requirements and guidelines, Our High-Quality ESD Mat offering maximum protection from any kind of static shock.

Electrostatic Discharge Protection

Integrated circuits without ESD protection will suffer from electrostatic discharge in the forms of dielectric failure, ruptured passivation, electro thermal migration, contact spiking, and splattered aluminum. If you want to have a more complete understanding of ESD at your workplace, it is important to get to know the voltage levels, the voltage and current waveform, IC-protection structure, test method, and application circuit.

The ESD Products and anti static products we supply are designed to meet global standards and are able to enhance the efficiency of your business or manufacturing operations. The products and information we supply are designed to be useful for imparting complete safety from the risks of ESD and accordingly, increases your earnings in the long run. As well as getting to know our ESD Products and anti static products, it is important to know that ESD is produced around us within the due course of life, particularly if two gadgets come near to each other after which they are parted. The basic element of all material is the atom, which contains the positive charge in the shape of protons which are then positioned in the significant region. An equal quantity of negative charge is very present inside the form of electrons that you can discover in the outer shells inside the atoms which make them neutral within every condition. The characteristics of electrons cause them to move around and the protons which keep them tight to seclude them to their reputable shells. It is not always the end of the world as the electrons are capable of jumping from atoms to atoms due to the fact some materials are made up of those atoms which have greater protons to draw the electrons of the opposite substances. The leap of the electrons is the base of the electrostatic discharge formation.

The electrostatic discharge, widely known as ESD is an electric current, it comes all of a sudden and flows in between two objects that have different electrical properties. Just because of the unwanted presence of ESD, the working of the components, electronic based devices and the equipment may disturb, causing them to malfunction, it also shorten their lives and may become the main threat particularly in the environments where the explosive items are kept. The damages that are caused by ESD are responsible for the losses of multiple billions of pounds annually and thus, it cannot be neglected. If you are unsure on how to rectify your ESD problem, then call for us advice on which ESD products and anti static products will best suit your requirements. The danger of ESD should be taken in to consideration, especially in the manufacturing process and its ability to destroy portable consumer electronics, the industrial-automation and the systems of the controlling the process, as well as the military and aerospace applications, and therefore, using the most appropriate ESD products and anti static products is essential for businesses.

Importance of ESD Products and Anti Static Products

ESD can affect and hinder the performance of the equipment which is based on electronics in particular. As mentioned previously, without the use of ESD products and anti static products, losses emanated through electrostatic discharge may be hidden, and this causes electronic devices to malfunction, thereby, making them to shut down at the spur of a moment. This could result in data loss or make the working lives of tools and equipment to become shorter. An exposed ESD event may outcome in the shape of a large disaster, particularly when the working environment is full of flammable objects. If you wish to get rid of this unfavorable situation, then the utilization of an ESD Product and/or anti static product or a combination of multiple esd products is a must. The ESD products and anti static products, should meet the requirements of international standards and the ESD products and anti static products we sell have been designed to meet or exceed performance targets, enabling a safe and sound working environment without the danger of ESD. An example of a product that can be used to provide ESD protection are the use of ESD mats. Depending on your workstation setup, the ESD mats are capable of offering ESD protection.

Why ESD Products Are Best For Protection?

Though, it is not so easy to locate the damage in many cases. To make your whole working environment static-free, ESD products and/or anti static products would be needed. Static control products for electronic assembly, industrial, as well as Contamination Control products are designed to provide protection in those areas that need the elimination of foot-borne contaminants.


For help in choosing which static control products would best suit your requirements, call our trained sales to team for advice. Example static control products include: ESD-safe bags (also known as static shielding bags or anti static bags), ESD garments, ESD matting and more. In some industrial applications, you can also looks to see if ionizing equipment and workstation monitors would better suit your ESD needs to keep your workstation safe from unwanted static.


For the ionization type of static control product, these ESD products include overhead static ionization bars, ideally used to remove static from continuous production processes. Another type of static elimination product in the ionization range are air gun ionizers. The air gun ionizers offer flexibility and once coupled with an air supply, you would be able to simply fire ionized air to a target of your choosing by pointing the air gun to a particular direction and adjusting the air flow by hand.