Static Control Products

In the realm of technological progress, Elcom offers a wide array of anti-static products, setting industry standards. Our dedication to superior quality and efficiency shines through in every product, tailored to exceed expectations in performance and safety. Elcom’s anti-static products are the definitive choice for sectors prioritising static control.

These anti-static products are crafted to protect sensitive electronics and equipment from static electricity hazards. Essential in environments like manufacturing, assembly, or repair, they play a critical role in preserving the integrity and functionality of your tools and devices. Their design focuses on dependability and durability, effectively minimising static-related risks.

At Elcom, we recognise your work’s critical nature of precision and safety. Hence, our anti-static products are more than just accessories—they are fundamental in establishing a secure, efficient, and static-free workplace. Rely on Elcom for comprehensive anti-static solutions, where cutting-edge innovation seamlessly integrates with practical applications.


I was guided by one of the trained members from the sales team. Great thing is they ask you about your requirements and offer you products according to your needs.

Abby Thornton

High-Quality products with competitive prices. Fast order process till delivery. Thank you!


I have to say that I have been very impressed with your ESD floor tiles, I just picked your company off the internet, and you have looked after us like a valued customer and it is very much appreciated. Thank You, Elcom.

Dianne Chadburn

The ESD chair came in well-packed and the assembly was fairly simple. The seller had included the required tools to assemble this ESD chair, so no additional tools were needed. I have been using this chair for about a month now. The best part is that you get a metal base frame with castors which is much better than the plastic base which breaks within a few months. The chair is comfortable and suits the requirement of an electronics workshop.

Peter Harridge

Thank you so much for processing our Anti-Static Spray order in the most speedy and efficient manner, once again you have proved to be a very professional and efficient organisation. Highly recommend it to all.

Andy Hawes

The ESD Mats were received within two days of the order. They are of excellent quality and meets our expectations. Your sales representative was very good at getting to know what we required and answered all our questions. Thank You, Elcom.

Chris Gould