The Different Types of Anti Static Flooring

When it comes to anti static flooring, there are a huge number of different solutions you could consider. Fortunately, we’re on hand today to help you learn about the different anti static flooring solutions available to you, so you can choose the right option for your needs. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the different types of anti static flooring. We’re here to help you decide on the ideal solution for your home or commercial property!

What is Anti Static Flooring?

To begin with, we need to consider what anti static flooring is. Indeed, many people are not wholly aware of what anti static flooring is and the benefits that it can offer. Fortunately, though, our team is here today to help you with all of your ESD flooring needs!

So, what is ESD flooring? Anti static flooring is a specialist flooring solution that is designed to reduce the risks associated with electrostatic discharge, which can be highly dangerous in and of itself. As a result of this, it’s imperative that you take some time to consider the different types of anti static floors, so you can choose an ESD flooring solution that’s ideal for your needs.

So, let’s take a look at the different types of ESD flooring options you could consider, to help you find the best type of flooring for your needs!

The Different Types of ESD Flooring

When it comes to choosing the best anti static flooring, you’ll need to consider a few different designs. Luckily, we provide a wide range of anti static flooring solutions, so you can find a flooring option that’s ideally suited to your needs. After all, anti static flooring solutions can provide your team or customers with protection against the dangers of electrostatic discharge; as such, you should take the time to carefully consider the benefits.

What’s more, the different ESD flooring options each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, meaning that you can enjoy numerous pros and cons depending on what you need more from the flooring solution. As such, we’ve briefly summarized the benefits of each solution to help you find the best option for your needs!

ESD Floor Mats

One of the first options that you will likely consider when looking for ESD flooring is an ESD floor mat. Indeed, ESD floor mats are simple and easy to install, and they also provide an affordable anti static solution. Indeed, ESD floor mats are unique in that they can simply be rolled out and ready to go. This makes them incredibly easy to install, too; you won’t need to dedicate a long period of time to installing these anti static flooring options, which can keep your business running at its peak. Critically, ESD floor matting can be easily installed in a day or less, and doing so doesn’t require a team with highly specific (or expensive!) installation skills either.

This provides full coverage for your property’s floor against the dangers of electrostatic discharge, which in turn can be effective for grounding out any equipment and workers present in the property. Indeed, because ESD flooring do not generate static, it provides immediate grounding effects and is a highly practical option for any ESD protected area or busy workspace.

Therefore, if it’s a simple and highly effective anti static flooring solution that you’ve been looking for, standard ESD floor mats could be the ideal option. Our range of anti static floor mats come with a resistance to ground of <103-7Ω, allowing them to provide an ample degree of protection for your workers and business premises.

What’s more, ESD floor matting is highly versatile and can do more than just ESD flooring. In fact, anti static floor mats can be cut to your required size and used for other applications too, such as with workbenches to create an antistatic bench or table. Clearly, then, ESD floor matting are some of the most versatile and effective anti static flooring solutions, and many people can benefit from the unique features and characteristics that they offer.

ESD Floor Tiles

Another option that you may want to consider as part of your search for the best anti static flooring solution is ESD floor tiles. ESD floor tiles provide a similar solution to ESD floor matting, however, they are potentially more versatile in some situations.

Firstly, we need to consider the interlocking nature of ESD floor tiles. Indeed, anti static floor tiles usually come in an interlocking design, in much the same way as one might expect from puzzle pieces. As a result of this interlocking nature, ESD floor tiles are exceptionally easy to install for your workshop or premises. They don’t typically require specialist installation solutions or adhesive to stick the tiles to the floor.

Furthermore, because ESD interlocking floor tiles can be easily removed at will, this provides a notable benefit in terms of the maintenance of your floor. Indeed, ESD floor tiles are exceptionally durable and are designed to withstand the rigours of the busy modern workplace. As such, it’s not common for ESD tiles to get damaged or otherwise broken. Nonetheless, occasionally things can go wrong, and your ESD tiles might need replacing. Alternatively, if you need to rearrange your current setup, ESD floor tiles can provide an effective solution.

But why is this? Well, one of the most notable features of anti static floor tiles is that they can be removed. Unlike with a roll of anti static floor matting, which would need to be fully taken up if something should go wrong, only the damaged anti static tiles need to be removed. As a result of this, the vast majority of the ESD flooring can be left intact when something goes wrong while the damaged area is removed. This comes with two particular perks: for one thing, this means that you’ll only need to pay for a limited amount of new ESD floor tiles, instead of replacing the whole ESD floor. Secondly, this also drastically speeds up the process of replacing and repairing the ESD floor, meaning your business premises will be out of commission for less time.

These are just a few of the benefits of ESD floor tiles. As such, they are incredibly valuable and practical solutions for many commercial properties.

ESD Anti Fatigue Flooring

When it comes to anti static flooring solutions, ESD floor tiles and ESD floor mats are highly practical options. Indeed, many people find these to be beneficial ESD flooring options, and as such, you may not consider the other ESD flooring options available to you. However, a third type of anti static flooring that could offer a wide range of benefits is ESD anti fatigue flooring. But what is this?

ESD anti fatigue flooring offers a vast array of different benefits. Indeed, when it comes to your workers’ and customers’ fatigue levels, you will likely find that providing ESD anti static flooring can offer many benefits. Because these anti static flooring solutions are designed with specialist, cushioning materials, they help to alleviate pressure from your workers’ joints and bones. In turn, this can drastically reduce fatigue levels and keep everyone happy and well at work.

At this point, we should mention that ESD anti fatigue flooring is most commonly available in a tiled style, similar to ESD interlocking floor tiles. Therefore, they can provide an excellent flooring solution with all of the standard benefits of ESD interlocking anti static floor tiles. You may therefore want to consider our range of ESD anti fatigue floor tiles for your workspace.

Importance of Morale in the Workplace

There are multiple reasons why morale is hugely important in a workplace setting. Indeed, boosting morale is vital, as it will have a direct impact on the overall efficiency of your firm. When your workers have high morale, they will be much more efficient in their job roles. Furthermore, these workers will also be more eager to work which may reduce the risk of human error and mistakes being made. Altogether, then, providing anti fatigue ESD flooring options for your workers can have a significant impact on their ability to work well.

Furthermore, ESD flooring is suitable for ensuring that your customers are comfortable and happy while shopping with your firm; therefore, ESD anti fatigue floor tiles can also boost the duration of time by which your customers spend in your store. This can translate to increased sales and enhanced business profitability overall.

Is ESD Anti Fatigue Flooring Right for Me?

As with both of the previous flooring solutions we have mentioned, ESD anti fatigue flooring is highly effective for preventing your workers from being at risk of electrostatic discharge. However, these flooring solutions come with the added benefit of providing superior comfort for your customers and workers. This can, in turn, boost spending and efficiency in the workplace, which may help to boost your business overall.

The only drawback in this sense, really, is that they are more expensive than their generic ESD interlocking tile counterparts or full roles. Nonetheless, for many brands, the extra benefit of worker comfort more than makes up for the slightly higher cost of purchasing ESD anti fatigue tiles.

Do I Need Anti Static Flooring?

At this point, we’ve looked at the three most common types of anti static flooring: anti static mats, ESD floor tiles, and ESD anti fatigue tiles. However, you might be wondering – do I actually need these for my brand? Indeed, some businesses are cautious to invest in anti static flooring for the additional expense. However, the protection they can provide to your workers and business equipment can be invaluable. With ESD flooring options being so easy to install and incredibly durable for commercial applications, you can expect excellent value for money from these options with little disruption to your firm during installation. So, what’s not to love? Invest in the right type of ESD flooring solution for your brand today! We also offer a installation service for the ESD floor tiles we provide. To find out more, please get in touch with us.

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