Why Do You Need Static Control Devices

Static Control

Static control devices are becoming increasingly popular these days. Businesses seem to have realized the need for these devices which is why the demand is so high. Previously there was no product available in the market that could protect your computer and equipment from (ESD) electrostatic discharge. But ever since the invention of products like anti-static spray, things have changed for the better. Now businesses can protect their valuable devices and retain data which would otherwise be lost. A lot of people have no idea what ESD is and how it can be controlled. This lack of knowledge is the primary reason why these people suffer. Lets discuss in detail the various elements and components of static control devices.


What is ESD

Before we learn what static control is and how it works we must look at ESD. Electrostatic discharge is a problem that has existed since the industrial era. Electrostatic discharge is single handedly responsible for the failure of innumerable electronic devices across the globe. The failure of such devices affects productivity of businesses and also puts workers at risk of injury. People can get electrocuted because of ESD. Power plants across the world have been facing the issue of electrostatic discharge for years, but thankfully they now have static control devices to deal with this problem.

ESD Protection

Today there are numerous ESD protection products available in the market. You can get a lot of different types of static control devices ranging from anti static mats to anti static wrist straps. Each device varies in terms of its usage but fulfills the same function that is protecting you from electro static discharge. Most safety experts agree that seeking protection from ESD is very important. These days businesses use grounding pads to protect their employees from ESD and maintain safety in the workplace.

Purpose of Usage

The purpose of using static control devices is to avoid long term costs that may occur if electrical equipment fails. The cost of buying new equipment can be very high and in addition to that you will not be able to recover the lost time and data. This is why the need for earthing products has arisen. These devices are fairly easy to use as well and you don’t need any special training to operate them either. In fact static control devices work automatically; all you have to do is connect them to an electrical outlet.


Other Elements

According to experts another hidden benefit of these devices is that they help initiate the process of earthing. When we are indoors we cannot really benefit from the earth’s natural energy so this is where grounding products can be used. Earthing is naturally achieved outdoors by sitting, walking or sleeping on the ground. Nowadays most of our time is spent indoors which is why we are unable to earth ourselves. Earthing pads and esd mats help us benefit from the earth’s energy when we are indoors.



Every business needs anti static devices these days in order to counter problems such as ESD. If you aren’t using anti-static equipment today you should definitely consider it for the betterment of your company.