Transit Packs

Transit Packs offer a safe and easy way to transport and store any device that is sensitive to static charge. Transit packs are manufactured using a coating to provide a faraday cage, with optional antistatic foam inserts offering extra protection. Available in a wide range of sizes, Transit packs can be supplied either flat packed or fully assembled.

Providing extremely high levels of ESD protection and an extensive range of other beneficial features, transit packs offer exceptional durability and reliability.

  • Extensive stock holding for short lead times
  • Manufactured using conductive cardboard
  • Custom sizes / designs available on request

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Conductive Transit Packs are Ideal for ESD Sensitive Items

The Conductive transit packs, offer a convenient, easy and safe way to both store and transport static sensitive devices. The conductive cardboard material provides a faraday cage protection and the anti static foam that is included as standard provides a high level of physical, cushioning protection. The transit packs are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and are available, from stock, either assembled or flat packed as required for next day delivery.

Both high and low density conductive foam fittings are available as an option if required. Conductive transit packs can also be manufactured from conductive plastic where greater durability is required, or products are to be used in a clean room environment.

Features and Benefits of Conductive Transit Packs

  • Excellent ESD protection
  • Varying specifications for different applications
  • High levels of durability and reliability
  • Bespoke engineered versions possible
  • Manufactured from conductive cardboard
  • Conductive plastic versions available
  • Extensive stock holding for short lead times

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For further information on the Transit Packs and a full list of dimensions for each stock item, please continue reading below for a full table detailing key information for each of the specific products within the stock Transit Pack range.

No Foam With Foam Internals (LxWxD)
EL3080-1 A EL3080-1 B 178 x 127 x 38mm
EL3090-2 A EL3090-2 B 178 x 127 x 64mm
EL3095-22 A EL3095-22 B 178 x 127 x 96mm
EL3180-3 A EL3180-3 B 229 x 191 x 38mm
EL3190-4 A EL3190-4 B 229 x 191 x 64mm
EL3195-24 A EL3195-24 B 146 x 146 x 24mm
EL3220-5 A EL3220-5 B 267 x 216 x 38mm
EL3230-6 A EL3230-6 B 267 x 216 x 64mm
EL3245-26 A EL3245-26 B 267 x 216 x 96mm
EL3310-7 A EL3310-7 B 318 x 267 x 38mm
EL3320-8 A EL3320-8 B 318 x 267 x 64mm
EL3335-28 A EL3335-28 B 318 x 267 x 96mm
EL3400-9 A EL3400-9 B 340 x 140 x 94mm
EL3431-13 A EL3431-13 B 375 x 133 x 38mm
EL3501-05 A EL3501-05 B 394 x 318 x 38mm
EL3500-10 A EL3500-10 B 394 x 318 x 64mm
EL3515-30 A EL3515-30 B 394 x 318 x 96mm
EL3600-11 A EL3600-11 B 521 x 395 x 38mm
EL3610-12 A EL3610-12 B 521 x 395 x 64mm
EL3625-32 A EL3625-32 B 521 x 395 x 96mm
EL3854-14 A EL3854-14 B 550 x 470 x 64mm
EL3975-16 A EL3975-16 B 700 x 500 x 85mm