Single Wrist Strap And Bench Constant Monitor

Part Number: ELCM9202

Ensure that the workstation is properly grounded and that your wrist strap is working properly with our ESD monitoring system.

The ELCM9202 will draw static away from the human body continuously and has an instant warning LED and alarm to warn the user if either fails.

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Features and Benefits

● Use with a single wrist strap/person.
● The ELCM9202 checks connections to the bench mat.
● Instant warning of Wrist Strap failure to improve production quality
● Fitted with a 4mm socket for universal use
● Simple to use, Easy to install.
● Just attach the monitor to the bench with the Velcro provided, then connect the ELCM9202 to the bench mat and plug power on.
● The unit comes ready to use