Premium Wrist Strap Tester

The ELWST1 easily measures the resistance of a wrist strap and cord or hell/toe grounder when worn by the user. The ELWST1 is available in the European test range 0.75 meg-ohm to 35 meg-ohm (test range can be changed on request). meets EN 10015/1 standard. CE Approved.
To use this equipment for checking, first ensure that the wrist strap has good contact to the user. The cord will then need to be connected to the ELWST1 via any of the terminations. After this is completed, simply press the TEST button. A green LED light will illuminate for correct resistance and a distinct buzzer will sound on pass. If the wrist strap or cord has failed, the red LED will illuminate. In addition, the ELWST1 comes with a yellow LED light, warning the user of low battery power.

Features and Benefits

  • Works with wrist straps and heel/toe grounders
  • Hand held or wall-mounted with easy Pass/Fail indication
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Properties Description
Part Number: ELWST1
Size (H x W x D) 58mm x 83mm x 25mm
Weight 4.6 oz. (including battery)
Parameters: Low fail: Less than 750k – red LED w/osoundPass: 750k to 35M – green LED and audible sound

High fail: Above 35 megohms — red LED w/o sound

Connections: 4mm banana socket6mm pillar for ring terminal connections

10mm stud connection

Battery Type: ± 20 V
Mounting: Wall mounting available using optional backplate