Packing Bench

Fully welded and bespoke to customer specification design

UK Manufactured

A range of modular workstations designed for packing areas. Standard packing bench stations can be used as individual units or coupled together to form complete integrated assembly and packing bench areas. Accessories can be added to all workbenches to create a complete individual packing station. Drawers and cupboards can be positioned anywhere along the length of the workstation.

• Posts are fitted to the rear of workbenches to accept above work surface accessories ie. shelf/paper holder/bin rail. Slotted to allow for height adjustment of accessories.
• Height adjustable feet for easy levelling.
• Large range of worktops available.

Bespoke Sizes & Accessories available on request.

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Part Numbers:

Size H.W.D Description Part No.
840x1205x755 MFC BP841275GXXX
840x1205x905 MFC BP841290GXXX
840x1505x755 MFC BP841575GXXX
840x1505x905 MFC BP841590GXXX
840x1805x755 MFC BP841875GXXX
840x1805x905 MFC BP841890GXXX
840x1205x755 MDF BP841275MXXX
840x1205x905 MDF BP841290MXXX
840x1505x755 MDF BP841575MXXX
840x1505x905 MDF BP841590MXXX
840x1805x755 MDF BP841875MXXX
840x1805x905 MDF BP841890MXXX
840x1205x755 Laminate BP841275PXXX
840x1205x905 Laminate BP841290PXXX
840x1505x755 Laminate BP841575PXXX
840x1505x905 Laminate BP841590PXXX
840x1805x755 Laminate BP841875PXXX
840x1805x905 Laminate BP841890PXXX
840x1205x755 Hardwood BP841275HXXX
840x1205x905 Hardwood BP841290HXXX
840x1505x755 Hardwood BP841575HXXX
840x1505x905 Hardwood BP841590HXXX
840x1805x755 Hardwood BP841875HXXX
840x1805x905 Hardwood BP841890HXXX