Hand Sealer For Bags

  • For film, sealer machine with cut device
  • No vacuum function
  • Suitable for poly tubing sealing
  • Hand operated
  • Seal Lengths Available: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm
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Suitable for Static Shielding Bags, Pink Anti Static Bags and Moisture Barrier Bags. This heat sealer has one heating element which is covered by a layer of PTFE or Teflon® fabric type material which prevents the bag sticking to the sealer. The heating element is not continuously heated; heat is only generated only when the jaws are closed and current flows. This means that there is no heat up time and no power is consumed when the heat sealer is not in use. When the bag is placed in the impulse heat sealer, the jaws are closed and pressure maintained for the time of the seal (while the light is on). Then pressure is held for about 2 seconds to allow the seal to cool.

Part No. Description
ELSEAL20 200mm Sealing Length
ELSEAL30 300mm Sealing Length
ELSEAL40 400mm Sealing Length
ELSEAL50 500mm Sealing Length
ELSEAL60 600mm Sealing Length