ESD Tape Dispenser


Our ESD Tape Dispenser features an ESD warning symbol to ensure that it is suitable to use in an EPA. The ESD Tape Dispenser is made from an anti-static material, it also has a cushion base to prevent work surface damage. The dispenser size is a maximum of 30mm wide. It is available in the standard colour black. The ESD Tape Dispenser conforms with the BS EN-61430-5 for safe use in Electrostatic Protected areas. The ESD Tape Dispenser is suitable to use for either the ESD safe clear tape or the conductive grip tape.

Key Features

  • Cushion base to prevent work surface damage
  • Manufactured with antistatic raw materials including a non-coating surface to ensure it is ESD permanent
  • Conforms to BS EN-61340-5
  • Suitable to use in Electrostatic Protected Areas.
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