Elimistat®ESD Paint

The Elimistat® Premium ESD Paint is a static dissipative acrylic paint, manufactured to the highest specification. This low cost solution will prevent static build up and provide a high method of personal grounding. This low odour paint comes ready to use and can be applied by brush or roller.

The paint comes with a satin finish and is available in:

Light Grey, Red, Blue and Green.

1 Litre covers approximately 10m².

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  • Surface Resistance: 105 – 108 Ohms/Square
  • Surface Resistance: 105 – 108 Ohms (Conforms to IEC 61340-5-1/2)
  • Charge Decay: Conforms to MILB81705C
Part No. Description
ELPAINT Economical alternative to epoxy or tile