ESD Four-Leg Workbenches

Fully Welded & Assembled As Standard. Bespoke To Customer Specification & Design

High Quality UK Manufactured Robust ESD Workbenches

The four leg design workbenches are ideal for assembly, production and performing electronic component/computer repairs. They offer users the greatest flexibility and come with height adjustable feet for easy levelling. These benches are sturdy and durable, with a leg in each corner. Our design can fit any of the workstation and grounding accessories, making it completely customisable. The framework comes with a choice of colours, with an option to choose between a Elimistat Rubber ESD worktop or a Laminate ESD worktop.

Standard bench height is 840mm (760mm and 920mm heights are also available).

Bespoke Sizes & Accessories available on request.

Non-ESD and Bolted Design Benches also available on request.

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Should the benches displayed on our website not be suitable for your requirements, please get in touch as we are able to provide a tailored quotation for bespoke ESD benches.

Part Numbers:

STANDARD BENCH SIZES (Bespoke Sizes Available)
Elimistat Rubber ESD Worktop Laminate ESD Worktop Size in mm (HxWxD)
4L849060RBR 4L849060LAM 840x900x600
4L841260RBR 4L841260LAM 840x1200x600
4L841275RBR 4L841275LAM 840x1200x750
4L841290RBR 4L841290LAM 840x1200x900
4L841560RBR 4L841560LAM 840x1500x600
4L841575RBR 4L841575LAM 840x1500x750
4L841590RBR 4L841590LAM 840x1500x900
4L841860RBR 4L841860LAM 840x1800x600
4L841875RBR 4L841875LAM 840x1800x750
4L841890RBR 4L841890LAM 840x1800x900


Elimistat ESD Worktop Laminate ESD Worktop Size in mm (HxWxD)
EB4L849060RBR EB4L849060LAM 840x900x600
EB4L841260RBR EB4L841260LAM 840x1200x600
EB4L841275RBR EB4L841275LAM 840x1200x750

These ESD benches are manufactured to order. The lead time for manufacture can vary.

For an exact lead time, please call or email our sales team.

Framework Colours Available:

All ESD worktops provided confirm with IEC 61340 standard.

Elimistat® Rubber ESD Worktop:- 

The Elimistat® Rubber ESD disspative worktop is 20mm thick as standard (Other thicknesses available on request). This worktop comes with a 2 layer surface covering made from rubber. The top layer is dissipative and the bottom layer is conductive. The surface of the worktop comes in a textured finish which provides a non-glare finish and prevents a slippery surface by providing some friction. The surface resistivity of the limistat® Rubber ESD disspative worktop is between 107 – 109 ohms.

Elimistat® Laminate ESD Worktop:-

The Elimistat® Laminate ESD worktop is 20mm thick as standard. The laminate ESD worktop is manufactured using plastic laminate and has a static dissipative top. The laminate ESD worktop is durable and resistant to heat, solder and most chemicals. The ESD laminate worktop is easy to maintain and clean, providing a surface resistivity of 106 – 10ohms.