Elimistat® Ultra Precision Dissipative Snipe Nose Pliers 120mm

Snipe Nose Pliers 120mm

Part Number: ELPL01

Smooth Internal Jaws

Fully ESD compliant. Hot drop forged high alloy steel is used for maximum strength. A precision box joint construction for smooth and accurate action and a long adjustment free life. Ergonomic dual component handles. Mirror polished surface, removing the risk flaking chrome damage. Double leaf springs are spot welded, removing the need for replacement or adjustment.

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• Special alloy steel, drop forged, hardened & tempered for exceptional strength & durability
• Precision box joint construction for permanent, adjustment free jaw alignment
• Induction hardened jaws for outstanding long term performance
• Mirror polished surface eliminates the risk of damage from flaking chrome
• Spot welded double leaf springs for consistent, repetitive action
• Ergonomically designed dual component handles for increased comfort & control
• Fully ESD compliant for safe use on sensitive electronic components