Elimistat® ESD Worktops

Elimistat® ESD (Anti Static) Worktops

Available in both Elimistat® Laminate & Elimistat® Rubber, our ESD (electro static dissipative) worktops can be used in environments where the safe handling of electrostatic sensitive devices and assemblies is essential.

This includes the micro-electronics, bomb disposal and pharmaceutical industries.

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Product Information:

Our worktops are manufactured in the UK and can be supplied in bespoke sizes, trims, with a choice of worktop styles and colours.

Choices available:


  • Grey (Elimistat® Laminate Worktop)
  • Grey & Blue (Elimistat® Rubber Worktop)

Thick: 20mm

Resistance: 105 – 107


To obtain a quotation for this worktop in a bespoke size, please call us on: +44 (0) 116 410 5000