Elimistat® Bench Top Ionizer

ELBTI-1 (New Style ESD High Frequency AC Ionizing Fan)

Product Information:

  • Special tungsten alloy discharge needles, designed for longevity without abrasion
  • Equipped with an anti static normal running indicator and alarm lamp for abnormal high pressure.
  • The wind speed will be displayed through LED to achieve visual management.
  • Discharge needle sets and front air regulator can be easily removed for convenient cleaning, maintenance and replacement.

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Product feature:

  • Neutralise electrostatic charge rapidly.
  • The wind speed is wider, and the range can be adjusted with special ion balanced output and ion launch cleaner.
  • Removable air regulator makes the maintenance simpler and easier.
  • The fan cover has a unique design with the shape of a trumpet. The produced ions can be blown to every corner which removes the static electricity thoroughly and roundly.
  • Several fans may be used in series connection through the onboard network wiring port
  • Tight safety protection device, operation indicator light and high voltage alarm function to ensure safety use;