Dissipative Three-Layer Matting

The dissipative three-layer matting is ideal for tables and floors. The top layer is static dissipative, which has sufficiently low resistance to discharge static-laden conductors, yet will help prevent the shorting of pins on the backs of printed circuit boards laid on the mat.

The middle layer is a conductive and provides the main discharge path to ground. The bottom layer is static dissipative, providing a durable non-skid cushion. Non-standard sizes are available on a custom order basis.

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Part Number Description
3LM Full Roll 4ft wide (1200mm wide x 10m long).
3LM24 Pre-cut mat 2ft x 4ft (600mm wide x 1200mm long) with any stud combination.
3LM45 Pre-cut mat 4ft x 5ft (1200mm wide x 1500mm long) with any stud combination.
3LM465 Pre-cut mat 4ft x 6.5ft (1200mm wide x 2000mm long) with any stud combination.
Please note: Custom sizing & studding is available (max roll size: 1200mm wide x 10m long).