Conductive Rigid Container Inserts

These conductive inserts have been carefully developed to enhance our range of conductive rigid containers, creating compartmental storage for smaller items or devices.

Created from durable conductive Polypropylene, these inserts deliver high levels of ESD protection, ensuring that they are suitable for practically any static sensitive items. The inserts are also resistant to oils, acids and alkalis and can withstand extreme temperatures.

The inserts can be utilised in a vast range of combinations, are exceptionally hard wearing, can be easily cleaned and, of course, provide excellent ESD protection.

  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Guaranteed ESD protection, plus oil, acid & alkali resistant
  • Created from a lightweight yet durable conductive
  • Polypropylene
  • Hard-Wearing and durable
  • Noise absorbent on conveyors
  • Able to withstand temperatures between -20° and +100° Celsius
  • Can be combined in 4 sizes with the Euro-Fix (EF) containers with base size 600 x 400 mm
  • Smooth internal walls for easy cleaning
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Part No. Internal Dimension (mm)
Length Width Depth
To Fit Container Capacity (Litre)
ELK6161 140 x 90 x 80mm 600 x 400 84
ELK6081 179 x 140 x 80mm 600 x 400 48
ELK6041 279 x 179 x 80mm 600 x 400 36
ELK6042 279 x 179 x 150mm 600 x 400 18