Air Bar Ionizers

Air Bar Ionizers (Multiple Lengths)

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Product Features

    • Uses high frequency AC supply for high levels of ion concentration.
    • The nozzel is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • Automatic ion balance system, ion balance can be acheived: within 0+15V.
    • Equipped with an anti-static normal running indicator and alarm lamp for abnormal high pressure.
    • Auto cleaning programmable interface with LCD display.

  Table of Part No’s & Sizes (mm)

Part No: A B C D E F
ELABI-4 440 420.5 401.5 382.5 360 180
ELABI-8 680 660.5 641.5 622.5 600 420
ELABI-12 920 900.5 881.5 862.5 840 660
ELABI-16 1160 1140.5 1121.5 1102.5 1080 900
ELABI-20 1400 1380.5 1361.5 1342.5 1320 1140

Operation area and Operation time

This section shows typical examples of the time necessary for static elimination, and the relationship of the installation distance between the target and the static elimination bar.

Measurement conditions:
A.The time required to eliminate the static charge of the target from +1000V to +100V is measured.
B.The 150X150 mm plate monitor(20pF) is used.
C.ELABI-4 is used.Air pressure 0.2MPa and 0.5MPa.NO downflow