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Top 10 Best ESD Shoes For Men and Women

Top 10 Best ESD Shoes For Men and Women

Anti Static ShoesESD ShoesESD shoes are necessary for environments that utilize ESD flooring. Most types of flooring only work with the proper footwear. These shoes have rubber soles that will allow any static electricity in the body to dissipate into the flooring. Some also have additional protection, such as a steel toe cap or chemical-resistant soles. There are many different styles of ESD shoes, ranging from athletic to professional. The correct choice depends on the work environment and personal preference. Here are the ten most popular ESD shoes from Elcom, for men and women.

1) Sporter Safety – Steel toe shoes are a requirement in many work environments, especially where heavy equipment or chemicals are present. The 3-D dry lining on the sides and back of these shoes keeps them cool for hot work environments and the rubber sole provides ESD protection.

2) Pro Non Safety Shoes – For men who prefer a classic look over an athletic one, these shoes have a look similar to Oxford shoes. One of its benefits is that it does not look like an ESD shoe and can easily match any work outfit. This is advantageous for those who dress professionally but regularly enter anti static environments.

3) Actor Safety Shoes – Comfort in the work environment is a priority for those who have to stand for long periods of time. These shoes provide comfort with a shock-absorbent sole as well as ESD protection. They also have a water repellent leather exterior, ensuring that they will work in a variety of anti static environments.

4) Mega Safety Shoes – These boots provide both warmth and style for colder work environments. The sole repels most chemicals and oils for protection in a variety of situations. The sole is also slip-resistant. This makes it ideal for work environments with slippery flooring.

5) River Safety Shoes – These shoes are perfect for women who want nice shoes that still provide antistatic protection. These do not have a steel toe, which makes them lighter than many ESD shoes. They will not generate static electricity from walking around and they have cushioned soles for extra comfort.

6) Spider 2 S1 Safety Shoes –  Lightweight ESD shoes for men. They feature an aluminum toe and an athletic look. These ESD shoes also have a gel comfort insole for those who spend a significant amount of time working on their feet.

7) Spider Soft Non Safety Shoes – These Spider Soft ESD shoes are perfect for those who prefer not to have a toe cap. The 3-D Dry lining absorbs perspiration while remaining breathable. These shoes are supremely comfortable as well as compliant with ESD safety standards.

8) Art Non Safety Shoes – These open-toed shoes are great for warm work environments. They have antistatic soles and a removable Dry-step insole to keep feet dry throughout the day.

9)  Auto S2 Safety Shoes– The soft black leather on these ESD shoes gives them a business casual look. They probably would not even be identifiable as ESD shoes to the casual observer, which is convenient for those who only occasionally have to enter an anti static environment. They allow the wearer to maintain their dress code while staying ready for any situation that requires ESD protection.

10) Riff Safety Shoes – Another option for women is these clog-style ESD shoes. They come in both black and white. They feature both a steel toe cap and an antistatic sole for ESD protection. The FlexStep sole also provides maximum comfort and energy absorption with a cusioned sole that will eliminate shocks to the feet.