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Elimistat® Soldering Equipment

Soldering Wire

– Lead Free
– S-Sn99Cul
– DIN EN 29453(Sn99,3,Cu0,7 – eutectic)
– 2.5% Flux
– DIN EN 29454-1
– 1.1.2.B (EN 61190 – ROMI)

Part No.Size
ELSWIRE11mm ø (500g)
ELSWIRE22mm ø (500g)

ESD De-Solder Pump

Strong metal bodied De-soldering tool with a capacity of 7.7cm3. ESD compliant with an electrical resistance of 105 Ohm. Heat resistant & conductive plastic nozzles. Push button action for fast precise working.

Part No.SizeDescription
EELDSP1210mmVacuum suction tool
ELDSP275mmVacuum suction tool
ELDSPNSpare Nozzle

PLCC Extractor

– For PLCC-components(20–124 pins)
– Self opening for repetitive action
– Fully ESD compliant for safe use on sensitive electronic components

Part No.Size
ELPLCC100mm (4″)

Solder Tip Cleaner (Holder & Wire)

– Cleans soldering iron tips without water
– The wire wool is made from coils of brass, which is softer than the tip plating yet harder than the oxidation that forms on the tip
– To clean the tip, simply plunge the iron tip into the coils

Part No.Description
ELSCLEANSolder Tip Cleaner With Wire
ELSCLEAN2Replacement Wool

ESD Magnifying Lamp

Universal ESD magnifying lamp. This magnifier can be used with work benches in Electrostatic Protected Areas.

The lamp will Improve contrast and reduce glare, with an optical glass lens for a shadow free illumination.

Part No.Description
ELML122W power, diameter of lens: 125mm
Magnifications: 3X and 5X
ELML27W power, LED Light source. diameter of lens: 125mm
magnifications: 3X, 5X and 8X

Fume Extraction With Filtering & Purification

Description:The Elimistat® Fume Purifying & Filtering System is for cleaning of both particles and gases. It is designed to filter the harmful substances, such as hydrocarbon and cyanide, during the process of soldering, tin dipping in the solder pot, laser marking & carving, printing, etc. It catches harmful smoke with freestanding ducts and air volume can be adjusted to significantly improve your working environment.
It has a triple-filter system:
1) Pre-Filter: the large-size pad filter can filter large particles of dust.
2) Middle Filter: it filters the bigger powders for prolonging the main filter’s life.
3) Main Filter: it includes a HEPA filter and gas filter for the final filteration process.


– With the intelligent control panel and digital display, the operation becomes easy and simple. By the press of a button, you can freely adjust air volume and set the working time.
– Equipped with a remote control, the operator can control the machine from a distance.
– With a truly sensitive and effective “Filter Clogging Alarm System”. When the filter gets saturated and clogged, the machine will output an alert sound and light within 10 seconds. This will notify the operator to replace the filter, to guarantee a comfortable working environment
– The high-voltage and large-volume brushless motor ensures; low vibration, low noise, stable operation and a long life span.
– Air ducts can be bent or lengthened as desired. They will maintain their shape after adjustment, letting you place them exactly where suction is needed.

Part No:PowerNo. of DuctsSystemic FlowAir VelocityFiltering EfficiencyDuct LengthNoiseDimensionsWeight
ELSOFE180W1235M3/h17m/s99.97%75mm x 1.4m< 55dB420 x 245 x 400mm12KG
ELSOFE2200W12 x 150M3/h2 x 11m/s99.97%75mm x 1.4m<60dB420 x 245 x 400mm13KG

Soldering Iron Tips

Description:Soldering iron tips for various soldering irons are available. Please call us on +44 (0) 116 410 5000 for more information.

Elimistat® Soldering Station

Description:The Elimistat® ELSST1 features a lightweight handle, ideal for regular use. The silver heating element with a small tip ensures quick recovery times. The ELSST1 comes with a temperature locking system, preventing unexpected temperature changes.

The power consumption is 80W with a temperature range from 50°C to 450°C