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Surface Resistivity Meters

Elimistat® Surface Resistance Meter

Measures surface resistivity and resistance to ground using 10v / 100 volts. Carrying case included. Requires a 9-volt battery.

Part No.Description
ELSRM1Standard version
ELSRM1PPremium version with higher accuracy

Elimistat® Surface Resistivity Kit

Part Number: ELSRM100K

Our surface resistance kit includes a 10v / 100v meter, all connecting leads and a conductive carrying case to ensure safe portability.

Elimistat® Surface Resistance Meter (10v-100v)

Part Number: ELSRM100

Our most accurate surface resistance meter measures up to ‘half a decade’ using a range of 10v – 100v to ensure the most accurate readings. A carrying case is included with this product.