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Foot Grounding Products

Disposable (Lightweight) Heel Straps

Our yellow disposable heel straps can be easily noticed
when worn. This product is ideal for short term use.
Perfect for visitors.

Part No.Features
ELDHSPack of 100 heel straps
ELDHSWDConductive plastic wall dispenser

Adjustable Velcro Double Rubber Heel Strap

Our heel-strap comes with a 1 meg ohm safety resistor. It
has a double rubber grounding strip for extended life.
Comes with velcro fastening

Part No.Description
ELHSDRCost effective, highly durable heel strap
EL3MHS3MTM non-scuffing heel strap

Fast Release Heel Strap

This product consists of a plastic clip which has been
designed for maximum comfort and easy fitment. (No velcro).

Part No.Description
ELHSQRLong Lasting Quick Release Heel Strap

Toe Grounders

Elasticated non-marking toe-grounder. Comes standard
with a 1.5 meg ohm safety resistor.

Part No.Description
ELTGVelcro Fastening. Fully Adjustable

ESD Clean Room Overshoes

This Static-Dissipative ESD overshoe comes in 2 variations: disposable and reusable.

One size fits all.

Part No.Description
ELOVRDisposable non-woven