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Anti Static Wrist Straps

Premium High Comfort Wrist-Strap

Our premium 10mm stud wrist strap features a double
thickness of material and a curved buckle for comfort.

Part No.Features
ELWS10Fully adjustable, lightweight design
ELAAWS10Anti-allergy strap with plastic backing plate to ensure that there is no metal contact with the skin

Adjustable Stainless Steel Wrist Strap

Designed using hypo-allergenic stainless steel, nickel free, this adjustable metal wrist strap is designed for comfort, durability and reliability. One size fits all.
Black and Blue Colours are available.

Part No.Stud Type

Premium Wrist-Strap and Cord Assembly

Our premium wrist strap features a double thickness of
material and a curved buckle for comfort. We can supply our
wrist strap and cord assemblies in multiple configurations
(on request). The most common being:

Part No.Features
ELWS10+ELGCC10Fully adjustable wrist strap + 10mm snap both ends cord
ELWS10+ELGCCBFully adjustable wrist strap + 10mm snap to 4mm plug/crocodile clip cord

Cleanroom Adjustable Wrist-Strap

A lightweight wrist strap designed for cleanrooms. Adjustable with a 10mm stud.

Part No.Features
ELCRWS10Adjustable Clean Room Wrist Strap

Disposable Wrist Straps

One piece self adhesive wrist strap and ground cord provides
positive static protection.. Ship it with your product for static
protection at the point of installation. Excellent for field
service and remote electronic equipment installations.

SpecificationsPart No.
Backing MaterialConductive PolymerELDWS
Band SizeAdjustable
Band TypeDisposable
Cord Length4 ft. (1.2 m)
MaterialNon-Woven Fabric
Number of Conductors1

3M™ Dual Conductor Wrist Band


The 3M™ 2300 series wrist band is used exclusively with 3M workstation monitors