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Collapsible Tote Divisions

Created from conductive fibreboard, these conductive stacking tote divisions are both robust and fully ESD safe. With slots at 30mm increments, the divisions can be arranged to create a network of cells to suit your particular application, without the need for tooling.

The conductive tote divisions are designed to fit our popular stacking totes in 600mm x 400mm and 400mm x 300mm sizes and are available in 2 standard heights. If these divisions do not suit your specific need, we can manufacture bespoke sizes in any quantity to fulfill your requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 standard heights
  • Fully adjustable and available in various sizes
  • Can be arranged in
    various combinations
  • No need for tooling
KeyReference DescriptionDimensions (mm)
Length      Width     Height
ADivisions ELCT5111111            572            31631
BDivisions ELCT3111111            372            31128
CDivisions ELCT2111111            272            3827
DDivisions ELCT5211211            572            31631
EDivisions ELCT3211211            372            31128
FDivisions ELCT2211211            272            3827