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Our bin boxes offer ESD protection for any static sensitive item. Designed and manufactured by an experienced in house team, bin boxes are available in a variety of formats and sizes.

The bin boxes are manufactured in closed, open and fully open boxes variants, making them ideal for storing IC’s, devices, dip tubes and essentially offering a versatile handling and storing solution.

  • Available with short lead times
  • Stackable- saving storage space
  • Range of formats for different applications

Conductive Bin Boxes to Suit a Range of Applications

Our Bin Boxes are manufactured from the market leading conductive corrugated board, providing a high level of static shielding as well as physical protection to ESD sensitive products. They are available in a range of formats, including closed, open front and fully open designs to suit a wide range of applications.

Fully open bins are ideal for providing safe in plant handling of dip tubes, IC’s and other components, while open fronted bins offer the same protection as the fully open equivalents, but enable stacking and therefore a more effective use of storage space.

Finally, the fully closed option provides Faraday protection for shipping IC’s in insulated tubes, and can also be used in storage for dissipation of static charges. Our range of anti-static packaging, bins and boxes ensures the optimum level of ESD protection regardless of your industry or requirements.

Features and Benefits of Conductive Bin Boxes

  • ESD & Anti-Static Solution
  • Range of formats for varying applications
  • Stackable (open front and closed versions)
  • Hardwearing and reliable
  • Can be manufactured to custom sizes
  • Available from stock on short lead times

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Bin Box Images

View a selection of the Bin Boxes we hold in stock and can also manufacture in bespoke sizes. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view

Bin Boxes Technical Information & Data

Please continue reading below for a full table detailing key information for each of the specific products within the stock Bin Box range.

Model No.Internals (LxWxD)Type
ELBB634152 x 76 x 114mmFully Open Bin
ELBB944229 x 102 x 114mmFully Open Bin
ELBB964229 x 152 x 114mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1110300 x 100 x 100mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1115300 x 150 x 100mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1120300 x 200 x 100mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1130300 x 300 x 100mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1200635 x 60 x 108mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1205635 x 108 x 108mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1226635 x 153 x 108mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1244635 x 203 x 108mmFully Open Bin
ELBB1266635 x 260 x 108mmFully Open Bin
ELBB2205635 x 108 x 108mmFully Open Bin
ELBB2244635 x 203 x 108mmFully Open Bin
ELBB2000635 x 108 x 108mmFully Open Bin