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Anti Static Mats / ESD Mats

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Anti static mat

Have you ever been shocked when making use of your computer system without grounding yourself by using an anti static mat? Have you been exposed to a sudden shock while taking a walk across the living room on a moist day? If so, the shock you had experienced is scientifically known as Electrostatic discharge or ESD and is common in nature (the term we refer to as “static”. While we can be playing to shock our relatives with a little static, in larger quantities, it may be dangerous to humans and equipment. For this reason, it is typical that companies in the electronics manufacturing industry use anti static mats (alternatively known as ESD mats) to ground their operators.


Electrostatic discharge can be a risk in work environments with bigger electronics and circuit boards. Even the largest servers are under threat if the static electricity has saturated the environment. People can be subject to electrocution if the discharge is too much, and they are seen around high voltage equipment or gadgets. Due to the fact that the loss is high, it is highly essential that hazard assessment managers should take these threats seriously, as electrostatic discharge is something of maximum importance. Detecting the answers and putting them in to use needs to be prioritized. because ESD is a question of while and not if. It is a fact that electrostatic discharge will arise, it is only dependent on timing.


Anti Static Mats?

Anti static mats, which also refers to ESD mats as previously stated and grounding mats, is an example of an esd products that is designed to eradicate static shocks (electrostatic discharge). These anti static mats, which are similar to “static dissipative matting” have a regulated low level of resistance. An alternative product to use is conductive matting which has virtually no resistance and removes static almost instantly. Additionally, by the use of an anti static mat properly grounded, you can allow certain uncovered parts to be exposed safely. Anti-Static mats are mostly earthed using a grounding cord attached to a bonding plug (also known as earthing plug) in an electrical outlet. It discharges static at a minimal rate, with the 1 meg ohm resistor earthing the anti static mat (esd mat) or conductive mat. The resistor can permit a high-voltage charge to spill through to the earth, in order to avoid a shock hazard when working with low-voltage parts and to be able to deter great threat when it comes working with low-voltage components.

Working with ESD matting.

Businesses may be accustomed to using high voltage equipment as well as computer systems.  As a result, we are now confronted with series of challenges like Electrostatic discharge (ESD) in the workplace. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be eliminated with appropriate awareness and management of high voltage electronic gadgets. The most effective, as well as immediate means to fix this problem is to use a combination of ESD (anti static) bench matting and ESD (anti static) floor matting to provide a safeguarded environment for employees as well as machinery. As we progress technologically in the way that we operate our businesses, utilising a static dissipative matting system in companies where appropriate can help to make our work more efficient and lessen the threat of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

When looking at electrocution, anti static mats aid to this prevention of this. The threat of electrocution is extremely real in certain work environments. Employees, especially those that are been exposed to high voltage machinery, are at high risk if their employers refuse to check the risk of what they are surrounded by and the equipment they make use of. Should the electrostatic discharge (ESD) be large enough, it may be able to genuinely kill a person, precisely in the same manner lightning does. Employers should provide the necessary care and aid for their employees with their devices and should deploy anti static matting in targeted areas, where there is a large volume of electronics and circuit boards (PCB boards). Therefore, investment in anti static mats is vital to all organisations that rely upon excessive digital output.

In addition to shielding workers from the feasible electrocution, anti static mats also are important in protecting electronics from the damage of shocks. Electrostatic discharge is harmful to devices. It not only affects the charge, it is able to additionally render the whole thing useless. The use of anti static mats to cushion those high voltage machines and computers will prevent damage and protect long-term investments from loss.

On another note, ESD matting makes an excellent preference for individuals that are searching for safety from static discharge. Elimistat® ESD matting, whether it is ESD bench matting or ESD floor matting (or a mixture of both), in conjunction with ESD footwear can assist to preserve body voltage much less than 10 volts. If the voltage stays at or close to zero when the feet are lifted, the ESD mat is bleeding all collected charges away from the person. If the situation retains a static charge while the feet are lifted, the ESD mat is simply suppressing the charge.

Anti Static Mat | Esd mat

An anti static mat or ESD mat is designed to protect sensitive equipment such as computers and other electronic hardware by dissipating the static electricity that get built up on the human body during a typical day.  ESD mat or anti static mat is usually made of an insulated rubber or plastic material combined with a conductive layer or an outlet for grounding.

ESD or electrostatic discharge is seen as one of the major hazards of working with electrical devices. It is impossible to control such kind of static electricity when electrical devices are involved but we can always take substantial safety measures to create a protective shield in our workplaces. ESD mat is one of the most widely used anti static product that has proven to do a good job. ESD mat by popular manufacturers like can be found in different size, thickness and make, designed specifically to serve their purpose. Such kind of mats are flexible and cab used as covers, base or wrappers for delicate electrical devices. ESD mat for floor can be spread just like a carpet and plugged into a socket and it will instantly create a protective layer in that area. Anti static mats or any such items is not an option but a necessity in every workplace where ESD is a threat to the lives of workers and devices.

The little spark that we feel when we brush against a curtain or carpet is called static electricity. It is not really harmful to us as it is generally in small quantity. But it is enough to spark a flame or damage sensitive devices beyond repair. One of the best ways to create protection is to line the work desk with ESD mat. These are thin yet highly useful mats that just need to be spread on the tables, desks or stone platforms where you work on your sensitive components. ESD mat needs to be connected to a power source to make it work. It will divert any static discharge that could be transferred from the worker or the near by elements away from the work board.

Antistatic mats are made from different materials like vinyl and stainless steel fibers. They are available in various sizes, and colors to suit the décor and have anti-fatigue and slip resistant properties. Some are light duty mats meant for people to stand on or to place equipments. For applications like using under chairs and movement of laden carts, heavy-duty mats are required.

While selecting antistatic mats, an important factor to be considered is the rate at which static electricity is to be discharged. Sudden dissipation could cause damage to some equipment. This is an area where expert advice is required.

Antistatic mats can be ordered online. Most manufacturers provide guidance to choose the appropriate type.

At Elcom we supply an array of anti static mats with versatile utility to secure your workplace from sudden damages caused by static electricity.