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Pink Anti Static (ESD) Bags

Our Elimistat® anti static bags can be offered as either loose singles or perforated on the roll. All anti static materials can be heat sealed and are 100% recyclable.

Bags can be supplied plain or they can be printed with an ESD warning notice, a recycle logo, a ‘write on’ panel, or any other custom print, as well as alternative colour schemes for your individual coding system. Meets the Mil Spec #81705-B. Surface resistance of 1010 – 1012Ω (EN 100.015/1).

○  The bags are Aminee free
○  They can be printed with the ESD logo or custom printed to the customer specifications.
○  Available in either 300g or 400g thickness.


Our pink bags are ideal for electronics packaging and taking non-static products into an electrostatic protected area.


Pink Anti Static BagsDownload PDF Product Specification

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Pink Open Top Standard Size Bags (Packs of 100)

Part No.Size (inches)Size (mm)
ELPB353″ x 5″76 x 127mm
ELPB464″ x 6″102 x 152mm
ELPB686″ x 8″152 x 203mm
ELPB6106″ x 10″152 x 254mm
ELPB8128″ x 12″203 x 305mm
ELPB101210″ x 12″254 x 305mm
ELPB101410″ x 14″254 x 355mm
ELPB121612″ x 16″305 x 406mm
ELPB121812″ x 18″305 x 457mm
ELPB141614″ x 16″355 x 406mm
ELPB162016″ x 20″406 x 508mm
ELPB181818″ x 18″457 x 457mm
ELPB182418″ x 24″457 x 610mm

Pink Resealable Standard Size Bags (with or without write on panels) (Packs of 100)

Part No.Size (inches)Size (mm)
ELZPB353″ x 5″76 x 127mm
ELZPB464″ x 6″102 x 152mm
ELZPB555″ x 5″127 x 127mm
ELZPB585″ x 8″127 x 203mm
ELZPB75757.5″ x 7.5″190 x 190mm
ELZPB6106″ x 10″152 x 254mm
ELZPB8108″ x 10″203 x 254mm
ELZPB8128″ x 12″203 x 305mm
ELZPB101210″ x 12″254 x 305mm
ELZPB101410″ x 14″254 x 355mm
ELZPB121612″ x 16″305 x 406mm
ELZPB121812″ x 18″305 x 457mm
ELZPB182018″ x 20″457 x 508mm

Other sizes available on request.

Pink Anti Static Layflat Tubing
In 400 gauge there are 210 meters per roll
Sizes available in the following Inch Increments:
3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″
Pink Anti Static Centre Fold Sheeting
1m/2m x 100mu/400gauge
160 metres per roll
Sizes available: 30 kilo rolls
Pink Anti Static Bin Liners
18 x 29 x 39″ x 160gauge
Box packed 200’s
Technical product specification available
on request.