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Metallised Shielding Bags

The 3MTM and Elimistat® ELMB-XX range of static shielding bags are comprehensively tested to meet or exceed industry, customer standards, ANSI/ESD S541, EIA 625, and to be ANSI/ESD S20.20 program compliant.

○  Four layer construction. Fully QC traceable.
○  The static shielding bags are transparent and made with polyester dielectric, providing Faraday effect shielding.
○  For sensitive devices, this will provide a static safe environment.

○  ELMB-XX Product Range

○  Custom printing is also available on request.

Elimistat® ELMB-XX Static Shielding Bags Product Specification

All Elimistat® Static Shielding Bags Are 80μ (3.15 mil. Inch) +/– 10% Thickness, Exceeding Industry Standards.

Open Top Bag Sizes (Packs of 100)

Part No.Size (inches)Size (mm)
ELMB232″ x 3″50 x 76mm
ELMB262″ x 6″50 x 152mm
ELMB333″ x 3″76 x 76mm
ELMB353″ x 5″76 x 127mm
ELMB464″ x 6″102 x 152mm
ELMB4104″ x 10″102 x 254mm
ELMB4244″ x 24″102 x 610mm
ELMB4264″ x 26″102 x 660mm
ELMB4304″ x 30″102 x 762mm
ELMB585″ x 8″127 x 203mm
ELMB686″ x 8″152 x 203mm
ELMB6106″ x 10″152 x 254mm
ELMB6126″ x 12″152 x 305mm
ELMB6266″ x 26″152 x 660mm
ELMB6306″ x 30″152 x 762mm
ELMB8108″ x 10″203 x 254mm
ELMB8128″ x 12″203 x 305mm
ELMB8168″ x 16″203 x 406mm
ELMB101210″ x 12″254 x 305mm
ELMB101410″ x 14″254 x 355mm
ELMB102410″ x 24″254 x 610mm
ELMB102610″ x 26″254 x 660mm
ELMB103010″ x 30″254 x 762mm
ELMB121212″ x 12″305 x 305mm
ELMB121612″ x 16″305 x 406mm
ELMB121812″ x 18″305 x 457mm
ELMB141814″ x 18″355 x 457mm
ELMB161816″ x 18″406 x 457mm
ELMB181818″ x 18″457 x 457mm
ELMB182418″ x 24″457 x 610mm
ELMB202420″ x 24″508 x 610mm
ELMB242424″ x 24″610 x 610mm
ELMB243024″ x 30″610 x 762mm
ELMB243624″ x 36″610 x 914mm
ELMB304030″ x 40″762 x 1016mm

Zip Lock Resealable Bag Sizes (Packs of 100)

Part No.Size (inches)Size (mm)
ELZM333″ x 3″76 x 76mm
ELZM343″ x 4″76 x 102mm
ELZM353″ x 5″76 x 127mm
ELZM464″ x 6″102 x 152mm
ELZM575″ x 7″127 x 178mm
ELZM585″ x 8″127 x 203mm
ELZM686″ x 8″152 x 203mm
ELZM6106″ x 10″152 x 254mm
ELZM898″ x 9″203 x 229mm
ELZM8108″ x 10″203 x 254mm
ELZM8128″ x 12″203 x 305mm
ELZM101210″ x 12″254 x 305mm
ELZM101410″ x 14″254 x 355mm
ELZM121612″ x 16″305 x 406mm
ELZM121712″ x 17″305 x 432mm
ELZM121812″ x 18″305 x 457mm
ELZM141814″ x 18″355 x 457mm
ELZM181818″ x 18″457 x 457mm
ELZM182418″ x 24″457 x 610mm
ELZM202420″ x 24″508 x 610mm
ELZM242424″ x 24″610 x 610mm
ELZM243024″ x 30″610 x 762mm

Other sizes available on request.