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Elimistat® Desiccants

Absorbs airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing.


  • Captures moisture that may pass through the bag material
  • Helps keep devices at acceptable moisture levels

Desiccant Clay

Part No.SizeDescriptionSachets per carton
ELDDC1115 x 50mm1 Unit500
ELDDC2130 x 80mm2 Unit250
ELDDC4170 x 80mm4 Unit125
ELDDC8185 x 125mm8 Unit70
ELDDC16250 x 125mm16 Unit35

Non-Indicating Silica Gel

Part No.SizeDescriptionSachets per carton
ELDSG139 x 20mm1 Gram10,000(40 x 250)
ELDSG550 x 40mm5 Gram3,000(12 x 250)
ELDSG1075 x 40mm10 Gram800 (8 x 100)
ELDSG25115 x 50mm25 Gram500
ELDSG50130 x 80mm50 Gram250
ELDSG100170 x 80mm100 Gram125
ELDSG250185 x 125mm250 Gram60
ELDSG500270 x 125mm500 Gram30