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Black Conductive Bags

○ If you require material that provides no or low initial charges and provides a path for the charge to bleed off, then our black volume conductive material is the solution for your needs.
○ Ideal for static sensitive devices,such as PCB boards and drive systems, the black volume material is not affected by humidity, keeping electronic devices safe through transport.
○  Available in 300g or 400g thickness (thicker available upon request, call for quote)
○ Printing with ESD logo available.


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Supplied in packs of 100

Part No.Size (inches)Size (mm)
ELBCB353″ x 5″76 x 127mm
ELBCB464″ x 6″102 x 152mm
ELBCB4104″ x 10″102 x254mm
ELBCB4264″ x 26″102 x 660mm
ELBCB585″ x 8″127 x 203mm
ELBCB686″ x 8″152 x 203mm
ELBCB6106″ x 10″152 x 254mm
ELBCB6266″ x 26″152 x 660mm
ELBCB888″ x 8″203 x 203mm
ELBCB8108″ x 10″203 x 254mm
ELBCB8128″ x 12″203 x 305mm
ELBCB101210″ x 12″254 x 305mm
ELBCB101410″ x 14″254 x 355mm
ELBCB102410″ x 24″254 x 610mm
ELBCB102610″ x 26″254 x 660mm
ELBCB121412″ x 14″304 x 355mm
ELBCB121612″ x 16″305 x 406mm
ELBCB122612″ x 26″305 x 660mm
ELBCB141614″ x 16″355 x 406mm
ELBCB141814″ x 18″355 x 457mm
ELBCB161816″ x 18″406 x 457mm
ELBCB162016” x 20″406 x 508mm
ELBCB162416″ x 24″406 x 610mm
ELBCB181818″ x 18″457 x 457mm
ELBCB182418″ x 24″457 x 610mm
ELBCB202420″ x 24″508 x 610mm

Custom sizes available on request.

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Our black volume conductive liners can also be made to order. Black volume conductive films and bags can be manufactured from 50mm – 1200mm wide, are fully recyclable and can be heat sealed with ease.

Surface resistivity is less than 105Ω (EN 100 015/1) Bespoke conductive liners can be made to order.

Black Conductive Layflat tube

○  In 300 gauge there are 255 metres per roll
○  In 400 gauge there are 200 metres per roll
○  Sizes Available: 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″Weight per roll in both thickness is the same – 1 kilo per 1″ – ie: 6″ would weigh 6 kilos